Sound of Movies – Bend It Like Beckham

Sound of Movies - Bend It Like BeckhamSound of Movies – Bend It Like Beckham hosted by Ashley Wincer and Ann Pulbrook.

Bend It Like Beckham is a 2002 British-American-Indian-German romantic sports comedy drama family and Indian themed film.  Starring Parminder Nagra, Keira Knightley and Jonathan Rhys Meyers.  Press the play button above to listen to the audio podcast.  Press the play button below to watch the official Bend it like Beckham trailer.

Ann and I both really enjoyed Bend it like Beckham and highly recommend watching.  Not to mention, we really enjoyed the music on this soundtrack too.  Just listen to it.  The story is well written, it is not too complex and it deals with issues most families come across in one time or another, conflict of interest.  The movie is well shot, visually looking great.  The acting is done well by the three lead characters.  Considering the ages of the two main female lead characters, they both did a brilliant job.  Their careers have soared greatly since as a result of their proven performance.  So take a look at Bend it like Beckham, even if you are not a huge sports or soccer fan, it is still worth watching.  I would rate this movie as a buy for your personal movie collection.The Musical - Bend it like Beckham

This episode of the Sound of Movies was broadcast from the Gippsland FM studios on Saturday June 6th at 12pm.  If you have any questions about the Sound of Movies, please feel free to contact either Ashley Wincer or Ann Pulbrook by e-mail.  You can follow the Sound of Movies on Facebook or Twitter.  Thank-you.

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