The complete collection of Blue Heelers now online

To my surprise, while researching for an article, I recently stumbled across the complete collection of the Australian TV series Blue Heelers. Every episode of Blue Heelers is available to watch online at no cost on the Official Blue Heelers Youtube channel.

The complete collection of Blue Heelers now onlineWhen I was based in the United States, I missed hearing the Australian accent. The Blue Heelers DVD collection allowed me to hear the accent and see parts of Australia while living overseas. Having purchased every season, I had every episode on DVD and took the time to watch every episode. Yes, every episode, but keep in mind it took many years. It was a little piece of home available to me anytime. There were other Australian DVDs in my collection including The Castle, Chopper and Romper Stomper. It was Blue Heelers that heavily out numbered any other DVDs in my collection.

The Official Blue Heelers Youtube Channel is very easy to navigate, breaking up the episodes under each season. All 13 seasons are covered, including the famous episode with the death of Maggie Doyle, played by Lisa McCune.

If you’re an Aussie expat looking for some Australian TV content simply because you miss home, take a look at some old episodes of Blue Heelers. Once DVD sales come to an end, I highly encourage other Australian TV production companies to upload their shows to official online channels at no cost to the viewer. Youtube videos can be monetized. Hint Hint Crawfords with regards to Cop Shop. Enjoy your viewing of the classic Australian TV series Blue Heelers.

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