The Sound of Movies is taking a break

The Sound of Movies is taking a break but we will be back soon.  Until now, we have produced 78 episodes of The Sound of Movies at the Gippsland FM studios.  We have enjoyed producing every episode, but both Ann Pulbrook and myself currently have important commitments we must focus on at the moment.

Ann is in the process of establishing an actors talent agency and I’m currently knee deep in changing industries.  I’ve decided to  move away from the airline industry and currently studying advertising at RMIT in Melbourne.

As much as we enjoy producing The Sound of Movies, we’ll most likely be back in the first week of July.  We have a lot more great movie soundtracks yet to covered on The Sound of Movies.  We’re both a little time poor right now.

We will continue to select previous episodes to be repeated every Saturday at 12pm on 104.7 Gippsland FM.  If we choose an episode that is not yet available as a podcast, we will add the episode as a podcast here on our website and through iTunes.  We will NOT be adding a new episode every Monday morning for the next few months, unless we repeat an episode that has not yet been added to the podcast list.

We do apologise for having to put The Sound of Movies on hold, as we have had a lot of positive feedback from people listening both live and to the podcast.  We really appreciate your feedback, thank-you.  Please keep an eye on this website, our official twitter feed or Facebook page for any additional updates.  Thank-you for listening and being part of The Sound of Movies.

Ashley Wincer & Ann Pulbrook

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